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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back – Trailer

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a 2001 American action adventure stoner comedy written, directed by, and starring Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, the fifth to be set in his View Askewniverse, a growing collection of characters and settings that developed out of his cult favorite Clerks. It focuses on the two titular characters, played respectively by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.

The film features a large number of cameo appearances by famous actors, actresses and directors.

The title and logo for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are direct references to the second-released Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back.

Smith originally intended this to be the last film to use his View Askewniverse, or to feature Jay and Silent Bob. Five years later Smith reconsidered and decided to close out the series with Clerks II, resurrecting Jay and Silent Bob in supporting roles. In the end credits for that film it states the two might return someday.


Jason Mewes as Jay
Kevin Smith as Silent Bob
Shannon Elizabeth as Justice
Will Ferrell as Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly
Eliza Dushku as Sissy
Ali Larter as Chrissy
Jennifer Schwalbach as Missy
Ben Affleck as Himself / Holden McNeil
Matt Damon as Himself / Will Hunting (uncredited)
Chris Rock as Chaka Luther King
Brian O’Halloran as Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves
Jamie Kennedy as Chaka’s production assistant
Jason Lee as Brodie Bruce / Banky Edwards
Wes Craven as Himself
Mark Hamill as Himself (Cock-Knocker) / voice of Scooby-Doo
Gus Van Sant as Himself
Diedrich Bader as Miramax Security Guard Gordon
Alanis Morissette as God (dubbed “That Woman” in the end credits)
Seann William Scott as Brent
George Carlin as a hitchhiker
Carrie Fisher as a nun
Judd Nelson as a sheriff
Jon Stewart as Reg Hartner
Shannen Doherty as Herself
Tracy Morgan as Pumpkin Escobar
Jason Biggs as Himself
James Van Der Beek as Himself
Scott William Winters as Himself/Clark
Malcolm Ingram as grumpy, leaning extra (Uncredited)

Box office

The film opened at #3 at the U.S. Box office raking in $11,018,543 USD in its first opening weekend. The film made $30,085,147 in the domestic market, and an additional $3,703,014 overseas, for a total of $33,788,161 gross in theaters.


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