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Get Smart – Trailer

Get Smart is a 2008 American spy-fi comedy film based on Mel Brooks and Buck Henry’s 1960s spy parody television series of the same name. The film stars Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. Alan Arkin, who also worked with Carell in Little Miss Sunshine, plays the Chief.

The film co-stars Dwayne Johnson, Terence Stamp, Terry Crews, David Koechner, Masi Oka, David S. Lee, Ken Davitian, Larry Miller, James Caan, Kevin Nealon, Patrick Warburton and Dalip Singh. Bernie Kopell, who played Siegfried in the original series, Leonard Stern, the original series’ producer, and Bill Murray make cameo appearances.


Steve Carell as Maxwell “Max” Smart / Agent 86
Anne Hathaway as Agent 99
Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23
Alan Arkin as The Chief
Terence Stamp as Siegfried
Masi Oka as Bruce
Nate Torrence as Lloyd
Ken Davitian as Shtarker
Terry Crews as Agent 91
David Koechner as Larabee
James Caan as the President of the United States
David S. Lee as Ladislas Krstic
Dalip Singh as Dalip
Lindsay Hollister as Max’s dance partner
Bill Murray as Agent 13
Patrick Warburton as Hymie
Kevin Nealon as CIA Agent
Blake Clark as General
Geoff Pierson as Vice President
Kelly Karbacz as Judy
Bill Romanowski as Air Marshall
John Farley as Agent 50
Bonnie Hellman as Karen
Jonathan Loughran as Orange Team Guy
Cedric Yarbrough as Tate
Tim DeKay as Secret Service Agent
Todd Sherry as KAOS Office Worker
Stephen Dunham as Secret Service Commander
William Charlton as German Spy (uncredited)
Doby Daenger as Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
Joshua Harrison as Agent 74 (uncredited)
Vinicius Machado as Valet (uncredited)
Chris Reid as Musician (uncredited)
Julian Scott Urena as Drug Lord (uncredited)
Ryan Seacrest as Host (Host of American Top 40)
Bernie Kopell as Opel driver. In the Latin America Version, when Bernie was hit with the car, Max says “Creo que esa cara la he visto antes” (I think I’ve seen that face before)” making reference to the actor being in the original TV series.
Leonard Stern as Cessna pilot

Box office

In its opening weekend, the film grossed $38,683,480 in 3,911 theaters in the United States and Canada, ranking #1 at the box office and averaging $9,891 per venue.

As of December 21, Get Smart has grossed $130,319,208 domestically and $100,336,000 internationally, bringing its worldwide total to $230,685,208. In the United States it is the highest grossing live-action movie for both Carell and Hathaway as lead actors. The successful box office performance of the film adaptation of the Get Smart series was absolutely the opposite of its previous film adaptation, The Nude Bomb, which was a box office failure.


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