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Mission: Impossible – Trailer

Mission: Impossible is a 1996 action thriller directed by Brian De Palma and starring Tom Cruise. Following on from the television series of the same name, the plot follows a new agent, Ethan Hunt and his mission to uncover the mole within the CIA who has framed him for the murders of his entire IMF team. Work on the script had begun early with filmmaker Sydney Pollack on board, before De Palma, Steven Zaillian, David Koepp, and Robert Towne were brought in. In fact, the film went into pre-production without a shooting script. De Palma came up with some action sequences, but neither Koepp nor Towne were satisfied with the story that leads up to these events.


Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Jon Voight as Jim Phelps
Emmanuelle Béart as Claire Phelps
Henry Czerny as Eugene Kittridge
Jean Reno as Franz Krieger
Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Kristin Scott Thomas as Sarah Davies
Vanessa Redgrave as Max
Ingeborga Dapkunaite as Hannah
Karel Dobrý as Matthias
Emilio Estevez as Jack (uncredited)

Box office

Mission: Impossible opened on May 22, 1996 in 3,012 theaters—the most ever up to that point—and broke the record for a film opening on Wednesday with US$11.8 million, beating the $11.7 million Terminator 2 made in 1991.The film also set house records in several theaters around the United States.Mission: Impossible grossed $75 million in its first six days, surpassing the previous record holder, Jurassic Park and took in more than $56 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, beating out previous record holder, The Flintstones. Cruise deferred his usual $20 million fee for a significant percentage of the box office.[11] The film went on to make $180.9 million in North America and $276.7 million in the rest of the world for a worldwide total of $457.6 million.


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