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Minority Report – Trailer

Minority Report is a 2002 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. It is set primarily in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where “PreCrime”, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”. The cast includes Tom Cruise as PreCrime captain John Anderton, Colin Farrell as Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer, Samantha Morton as the senior precog Agatha, and Max von Sydow as Anderton’s superior Lamar Burgess. The film is a combination of whodunit, thriller, and science fiction


Tom Cruise as Captain John Anderton, a divorced and middle-aged, Chief of the Department of PreCrime in Washington, D.C. The disappearance of his son devastated him, and provided the motivation for him to join the PreCrime unit. He is addicted to drugs, which he uses to cope with the pain from the loss of his son, but maintains a professional appearance while at work.
Max von Sydow as Director Lamar Burgess, an elderly official in the Washington, D.C. PreCrime program and Anderton’s superior. He begins the films as Cruise’s mentor, but becomes the film’s antagonist.
Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer, a cocky Department of Justice agent sent to observe and evaluate the PreCrime process. He spent three years in divinity school and carries a rosary. He chose his career path because his father, who was a policeman, was murdered when he was 15.
Steve Harris as Jad, oversees the precogs and helps Anderton interpret their visions.
Neal McDonough as Gordon Fletcher, a PreCrime officer who works alongside Anderton.
Samantha Morton as Agatha, the lead precog, who has the most powerful psychic abilities of the three. Her mother, Ann Lively, was murdered. All the precogs are named after mystery writers: Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dashiell Hammett.
Lois Smith as Dr. Iris Hineman, one of the pioneers of the PreCrime program, who has retired.
Kathryn Morris as Lara, Anderton’s ex-wife and the mother of his lost son.
Peter Stormare as Eddie Solomon, a shady Swedish doctor who survives by performing illegal operations, and transplants new eyes into Anderton. He does this even though Anderton turned him in years earlier, in Baltimore, when he had been lighting his female plastic surgery patients on fire. Solomon is jaded with his work. He has a black sense of humor; When his nurse assistant brings him Anderton’s replacement eyes, Stormare utters a line not in the script:”She’s already smitten. She only has eyes for you.”
Mike Binder as Leo Crow, a man whom the precogs predict Anderton will kill.


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